Who Will Benefit from The Keeton Opioid Educational Program?

Patients and their families will learn:

  • Safe and appropriate use opioid medications
  • The dangers of opioids to themselves and others
  • How to safeguard their opioid medications
  • How to handle left over opioids
  • Why opioids must not be shared or borrowed
  • Consequences of driving while on opioids
  • The warning signs of addiction
  • The necessity of having a proper attitude


  • Meet requirements of educating patients including each item of Opioid Agreement & Informed Consent
  • Documentation of exactly what information was covered with the patient
  • Documentation that patient was duly informed that opioids can be addictive, and even deadly
  • No increased physician or staff time required!
  • Possibility of reimbursement via MIPs (Merit-based Incentive Payment System)

Pharmaceutical companies

  • Added value for your opioid prescribers
  • Demonstrate “due diligence” in making patients aware of all of the risks associated with opioids
  • Easier access to physicians and caregivers who prescribe opioids

Insurers, Medicare/Medicaid

  • Patients and caregivers will be better informed
  • Understanding the need for strict control of opioids can lead to a decrease in opioid hoarding, a decrease in prescribing opioids, and decrease in costs associated with patients suffering from chronic pain.