Keeton Opioid Educational Program Testimonials

As a practicing physician and father

As a practicing physician who prescribes opioids and the father of a daughter who has suffered from opioid addiction, I feel that Dr. Keeton’s Opioid Education Program is long overdue. I was particularly impressed with the emphasis placed on the patient’s responsibility. The program was presented in a very easily understandable format. This program should be available for prescribers and for anyone receiving these medications.

Robert H Holcombe, Jr. MD

A very necessary and previously neglected presentation

I really like the video format with the questions and the positive support. The content is excellent and easily understandable even by a teenager. There are some minor typos in the PDF but of no consequence.

Kudos to Dr. Keeton for a very necessary and previously neglected presentation.

Pat O’Neal, MD, former Commissioner of the GA Dept. of Public Health.

Excellent job of dispensing a wealth of information

The author has done an excellent job of dispensing a wealth of information in an easy-to-read format that is void of medical jargon and would be understandable to all.  The Program is divided into short chapters that flow well into each other and build on the reader’s newly gained knowledge.  He uses short, concise sentences and uses highlights and bold italics to emphasize the most important points.

When the reader completes the main body of the Program there is a behavior contract (The Keeton Document), which reinforces the content and makes clear the seriousness of using these medications.   It puts the responsibility for safe use not only on the patient, but explains the role of the Physician and other caregivers and support people in making sure these medications are being used safely and effectively.

This program is a strong educational tool, which is interesting and engaging and imparts a true understanding and empathy for those that suffer with pain.

As a person who has had to learn how to live with intractable pain and benefitted from opioids, I applaud this effort andhope this valuable teaching tool lands in the hands of all the patients who so desperately need it.

Diane Kelly, RN

Impressive program

An impressive program that presents a thorough explanation for patients that should be required in this era of epidemic abuse – – what to expect and how to minimize misuse. Medical insurance and practitioners must have all patients better educated when beginning long-term pain therapy.

Rasler, MD

As an ER nurse, I highly recommend!

I have had the privilege of reading The Keeton Opioid Educational Program, viewing the program and attending a lecture presented by Dr. Bill Keeton on this subject. In my opinion Dr. Keeton is not only highly qualified to present on this subject, but has gone to great lengths to ensure that the material is easy to read and understand for the non medical person. The program outlines the risks and responsibilities in a nonthreatening manner, addressing all areas of concerns and questions. This program places emphasis on the positive use of opioids after all other treatment modalities. As an ER nurse, I highly recommend The Keeton Opioid Educational Program for prescribers, patients and their families. Thank you Dr. Keeton for the time and effort you have spent on this informative program.

Abby S. Holcombe, RN

This information needs to be presented to all opioid patients

I am impressed at the amount of pertinent information presented by Dr. Keeton to patients who require opioid medications. It is evident that he has much concern for patients who experience chronic pain and as importantly, concern about the potential for abuse of these medications. This information needs to be presented to all patients with appropriate discussion from their health care provider prior to their signing the Keeton document. Excellent presentation!!

B Hutchinson, RN, BSN


Sadly, many physicians, despite their best intentions, have contributed to the opioid crisis.  As physicians we were instructed to treat any and all pain, and we were threatened with sanctions if we failed to do so. We were forced to use pain as the 5thvital sign and warned if pain was reported; it must to be treated!

Consequently, we became too cavalier in dispensing the highly marketed opioids.  Some patients benefited from the opioids, but others suffered dire consequences. Opioids certainly continue to be necessary for some patients, and fortunately, they are now prescribed much more judiciously.

I have studied the Keeton educational program.  I believe it is an excellent resource for providers, and patients will also greatly benefit. It is easy to use and requires very little time on the part of the prescribers. I highly recommend it! THIS PROGRAM IS MUCH NEEDED!

Mann, MD


The Keeton Opioid Educational Program for Patients © is an empathy/compassion based program on the use of opioids in pain management which is not only rare, I can not recall coming across one at all; particularly one that is neither patronizing nor demeaning. In the first chapter Dr. Keeton introduces himself, speaks of President Kennedy and discusses the elderly female cancer patient, whom he helped dramatically. His wonderful personality and willingness to admit that he initially wanted nothing to do with the pain clinic is special, showing him to be extremely relatable, sincere and nonjudgmental. Dr. Keeton’s professional wisdom in the field of pain management has been profoundly important in my spine treatment and in my life. I only have three words in response to this program: I LOVE IT!

Laurie Stieber, Esq. and Professional Writer

Great opioid education alternative/adjunct

The Keeton opioid education program is a great tool for providers to maximize the education of patients prior to prescribing opioids for chronic pain. The program is broken down into smaller parts that are easily understood. It hits on all the topics that need to be discussed but may not have office time or family available. The program more than covered all the questions my family or I had about opioid use and chronic pain. Even the most difficult topics. It also has the best opioid contract I have seen, very clear and comprehensive. Overall it is a positive experience, which leads to active patient participation and better outcomes. Would highly recommend it from both a medical and patient perspective.

Benjamin S. B.S. RN, MSN, CRNA and chronic pain sufferer

The Right tone for a difficult discussion

I am a layperson and found the program to be well presented, factual, informative and empathetic. This opioid educational program sets the right tone for a difficult discussion. My former home, Huntington, West Virginia has sadly become the Center Point of the Opioid crisis. “60 MINUTES” did a feature on it last month and the impact is “jaw dropping. I wish this program could be introduced into the schools for teachers and students.

Brandt Ross

The content is spot on, easy to understand and to share with all involved in patient treatment.

NMK, Patient in pain 

I feel strongly this program should be required reading for all patients considering the use of opioids. Additionally, this document is a powerful tool to help ensure the safe and effective use of opioids and potentially guard against the misuse or abuse at the same time.

Anne K., RN

Oh how I wish this program had been available years ago when I first became a patient who needed opioid medications to improve the quality of my life.  Over the years I have garnered much of the knowledge that is contained within this document but it did not come easily!

Patient in pain